Vegas Weddings, Baseball and Harley Davidsons

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Vegas WeddingsLittle Chapel Little Chapel

When you think of Vegas you think of 3 things: gambling, partying and of course THOSE little church weddings. Surprisingly though most hotels have a wedding chapel they are really rather beautiful without even a hint of a fat Elvis. So you might have to venture out to find one. If you are walking to the Vegas sign there is one on the East side of the road. It was shut when we saw it but it was that perfect little chapel wedding venue…which we hate to admit but was quite pretty and intimate 💍👰🏼

Wedding car       Chauffeur Driven

If you have time I would highly recommend going to see a baseball match, the local team are the Vegas 51s and you can get a ticket for a local game for $14. Experience the real USA, the atmosphere is brilliant, you can get $1 beers and if you’re lucky catch a baseball! (Or if you’re us, just ask very sweetly for a ball from a camera man and get all the team players to sign it!).

Baseball Vegas 51s       Baseball Vegas 51s

Wouldn’t suggest walking and getting a bus to the stadium, even the locals say the area isn’t very safe so just get a taxi it won’t be more than $30. Or get the sheriff to drive you home (English charm 😜)

Harley Davidson Harley Davidson Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Heaven…on the way to the Vegas sign on the East side, next to the Little White Chapel is a mega Harley Davidson shop. I don’t even ride a bike and I came away a little in love. It is expensive though, not just the bikes, a top is $60 so I didn’t even look how much a jacket was!

Harley Davidson       Harley Davidson Harley Davidson       Harley Davidson