Fairytale Cocktails

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Staying on the topic of Disney and princesses, here are 35 cocktails you just have to try making……any excuse for a princess party! You can find more great ideas on the creators Facebook page “cocktails by Cody”. Cheers to that!

CinderellaEvil StepmotherSnow WhiteAuroraMaleficent Ariel Ursula BelleGastonAliceQueen of HeartsMad HatterPeter PanTinkerbellCaptain HookJasmineJafarPocahontas Governor RatcliffeHercules and MegHadesMulanSimbaScarStitchCruella de VilRapunzelMother GothelTiana Shadow MasterElsaAnnaGhosty Jack Skellington

Animal rings- mega cute jewellery!

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Jiro Miura-Japanese


Japanese designer Jiro Miura has created an adorable collection of animal rings that curl around your fingers! You can find the entire collection on his blog pageΒ Count Blue.

Jiro Miura-Japanese Jiro Miura-Japanese

They cost anything between $15 to $200 and if you’re thinking “that’s a bit much for an unpractical ring” I repeat…THERE ARE TINY ANIMALS WRAPPED ROUND YOUR FINGERS!

Jiro Miura-Japanese

If rings aren’t your thing then don’t fear…he makes other types of animal jewellery (animal shaped jewellery, not jewellery for animals or jewellery made out of animals) πŸ™€

Cue the hedgehog earings!

Jiro Miura-Japanese

If you can’t access Jiro’s blog page to order items because it’s all in Japanese and you’re computer can’t handle translating, then you can find his items on Etsy. Mishakrisha sells rings for Β£3.40 and while you areΒ there, check out the time turner necklace for the same price! Harry Potter love πŸ’—

Mishakrisha Etsy

And if you are being sensible and want slightly more practical jewellery then check out Cuir Carameliser for beautiful pieces like this gold hedgehog with a blue back.

Cuir Carameliser

Animal Socks!

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Animal Socks

ANIMAL SOCKS!!! Nothing could be more adorable and make your day by wearing these bad boys! Totally-worth-it shopping, if like me you have desperately trying curb your shopping addiction, this is guilt free like a 0 calorie cake you can enjoy!

BUT THEY ARE ONLY Β£4 (for 3 from Sainsburys)

So if you need that retail hit, grab these- best Β£4 ever spent πŸ’—πŸ»πŸΌπŸΊπŸ§

…..don’t pretend you’re too old/cool for animal socks- your inner child is screaming “gimmie gimmie gimmiee!”