Las Vegas Check List and Rules

Vegas travels

So you’re going to Las Vegas, Sin City, Palace of Dreams where everything is possible, what do you after you have finished doing air pumps…

…make a rational list of course, very wise 😎 (That is the closest I can get to a smiley with glasses, Apple have been great at providing smilies of different race, sex and sexuality but can I find a smiley looking studious and wearing glasses…of course not.

Rule #1 REMEMBER YOU ARE IN A DESERT (so it doesn’t feel like it and all the hotels are air conditioned but you can’t control the climate). Sunstroke is just as bad as a hangover.

  1. Take a big sun hat (or buy one…did I mention the shops 😍)
  2. Take sunglasses (see comment above)
  3. Take (and use!) sun cream….yes I sound like my mum (red burn lines are not attractive)
  4. Take water. If you are out at a cafe you can ask for free tap water but at lots of places it is just as expensive as beer. So fill your hotel ice bucket up and let it melt to fill your water bottles the next day. (If you drink hotel tap water you will not have a Sex In The City film Charlotte moment)

Ruke #2 TAKE LOADZA MONEIES!!! You will spend money, lots of it and it will be completely worth it (how many times are you going to be in Vegas?)

5. Rough budget of ours for 7 days

  • Cirque du Soliel and other shows: $100 pp
  • Helicopter trip: $400
  • Transport: $10 a trip (monorails 24 hour pass is $12 and taxi from airport to Strip is $30)
  • Baseball tickets: $15
  • Exhibitions: $25-35 each (you can get a deal of 3 for $58)
  • Food and drink: $20 a meal (get your basics from a local shop)
  • Shopping and gifts: $$$$$$$ (that’s down to you, but if you want standard cheesy stuff go to a street store rather than getting it from the hotel for twice the price)

Total spend for 7 days: 4 shows, helicopter ride, exhibitions, food and drink, booze, transport and shopping $1,500/ £1,000

Worth every penny.

Rule #3 USE YOUR ROOM SAFE AND SLIPT YOUR CASH (each room should have a free wall safe, only take out what you need for the day and don’t keep it all in one place in case you loose your hand/hold luggage, purse/handbag or are just drunk.

6. Take a handbag with a zip top (or if you are like my friend and can totally pull it off- a bum bag!) Just because there is loads of money here doesn’t mean there isn’t poverty. If you have a bag with an open top and your valuables visible you are just being silly. Deep bags are great because everything falls to the bottom and someone needs to get past the zip and then put their whole arm in your bag without you noticing them.

Rule #4 TIP!!!! Staff don’t get paid service charge so you usually leave 20% of your bill even if you’ve just had tea and toast. With taxis just round up the total and if you’re at a bar don’t ask for change unless it’s more than $2! We took our bags up to our rooms instead of using the hotel service as we had no idea how much or how to tip!

7. Take a phone with a camera and calculator (if your phone doesn’t have this WHAT ARE YOU USING?!) Makes tipping, converting between £ and $ and divvying up the bill easy.

Rule #5 PRIORITISE (there are a million and one things to see and limited time)

8. Get a guide book, most hotels have a free one in their lobby with a map of the Strip and most of the things you can see and do. Pick your top bucket list things and work out a rough plan for the week (we thought we could walk the Strip in a day) OH NO YOU CAN’T

9. Take a camera wherever you go…and attach it to yourself as you will probably never have cause to put it away.

ABOVE ALL: ENJOY IT & GO WITH FRIENDS. Relatively responsible friends who will stop you reenacting the hangover, getting married, going bankrupt or worse. Love every second.

10. Have a place you all meet if you get lost and make sure your phones work out there so you can communicate (remember you can get lost in your own hotel)

The Luxor

Vegas travels

The Luxor     The Luxor    The Luxor

The Luxor: a black Egyptian pyramid against the white desert backdrop. At first sight when driving past from the airport it seems smaller than expected…but this is Vegas, size lies; when you reach it, it is anything but small. The inside is a hollowed out pyramid with rooms all around the outer walls and a huge cavern left in the centre.

The Luxor      The Luxor

Though there is only one main room (huge empty pyramid!) the Luxor is the second largest out of the 10 hotels we visited, with 4024 rooms and completed in 1993 along with the MGM and Treasure Island. Like all the major hotels it has a Cirque du Soleil show on but what you really have to see at the two main exhibitions: Bodies and Titanic.

The Luxor      The Luxor

WARNING: the next bit is very sobering. The Bodies exhibition is the display of the human body, dissecting each system (nerves, blood, muscle, bone and skin!) so you can see each layer and all the working parts inside. You’ll think it’s fake, but no, it is all real; including a human man and woman playing sport, but with no skin 🙀😱. WARNING: THERE IS NO BLOOD, BUT IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH, DO NOT GO!

But saying that it is one of the most amazing exhibitions I have ever seen and there are not many other places in the world where the public can see every: organ, bone, nerve and muscle right in front of their eyes. Not only can you see how the body works but also see how it shouldn’t: there are examples of cancerous tumours, lungs of a smoker, liver of an alcoholic and lots more. You will leave appreciating your body a lot more and realising how fragile AND strong it is. There is a clear bin as big as a fridge for people to put there boxes of cigarettes by the smoker’s lungs, nearly full 🚬🚭

A moment of thanks is needed for those who donated their bodies to such a fantastic cause…but saying that, outside on The Strip there are a group of Chinese protesting the illegal sale of body organs. A rather sobering thought to bring you from the fairytale of Vegas back to reality. Right next door it the Titanic exhibition= mind blown.

The Luxor     The Luxor

So now you are sufficiently shocked, it’s time to make you cry… on to the Titanic exhibition. You are given a boarding card of one of the passengers and at the end get to see if you live or die 😥 It is incredibly sad, but as my friend said, this way the people are remembered and so in some way live on, you will never forget who’s boarding pass you had. Mine was Ada, traveling second class to join her family in America after her husbands death in England. She traveled with her brother in law.


He died.

She survived.

She was one of only half of the second class passengers that survived, while 1,500 perished. I hope she had a long, happy life wherever it took her. Life is precious.

The famous corridor you see in the Titanic film with dreamy Leo is also recreated, but as soon as I was standing in it every hair on the back of my neck was standing up.

You can see crockery sets, unopened bottles of champagne and items of the passengers in better condition than you would ever find in a student pad, despite the fact they are over 100 years old! Then there is the BIG PIECE, the largest part of the hull to be recovered from the sea bed, you’ll find yourself shedding a tear for titanic herself. Incredible. Eerie. Mind blowing. Unforgettable. ⚓️🚢