Can we just talk about…..Julianna Margulies AMAZING Good Wife scenes

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So The Good Wife has had a lot of press recently with the release of Series 7 as well as the announcement of the new series, The Good Fight, where we get a chance to see more of Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) being totally kick-ass, sassy without being under 21… a massive high five to the entire female population.”Yes I’m still going to be as fabulous and fierce as I was when I needed I.D- if not better”. Snaps


Alicia Florrick- The Good Wife

But in the wake of the awards season I feel Julianna Margulies (who plays Alicia Florrick) deserves recognition other than talking about her famously expensive wig.

(FYI she had a number of $10,000 wigs made for the series as it would be quicker to get her screen ready compared to trying to tame her unruly mane- and I guess it was worth it because it blew everyones’ mind that Alicia’s hair wasn’t her own).

But can we just talk about Episode 13: Judged, 25 mins in.

To anyone who has doubted their purpose in the world or who found themselves asking “what am I doing with my life” this will be like holding up a metaphorical mirror. You will be in no doubt that Alicia Florrick is real and her heart and soul are broken.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 16.47.43

“To pull the covers over my head and never do anything ever again”

“I’m not made to be an unhappy person, I like laughing”

“I hurt, and I just want it to be over- I want it to end”

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 16.48.04

Her acting is so flawless that you forget it is a performance- a trait I feel many great actors and actresses miss out on recognition for because you don’t walk away going wow what a great performance by X. In that moment there is no essence of the real person, all you see is the character they portray (probably why Leo DiCaprio doesn’t have a billion OSCARS- we forgot he was acting- I mean Jack Dawson did go down with the Titanic right?).

Either way you should watch The Good Wife- it’s awesome throughout with really thought provoking issues and cases. Good job Julianna- you kick butt!


Yes…this is her own hair- it still looks a million $$$


Napoleon Solo IS ACTUALLY Sterling Archer!

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So if you haven’t already seen the film “The man from U.N.C.L.E” go and watch it IMMEDIATELY. Not only does it feature the amazing Armie Hammer and Henry Cavill and what other reason to watch a film, but it is also brilliantly entertaining if you need another “non-girly” reason to see it. As the film developed I couldn’t help but feel I had seen this Napoleon Solo before….


In the form none other than animated series ARCHER!
Sterling Malory Archer, better known simply as Archer, is the world’s deadliest spy and the main protagonist of the series, summed up by one of his famous quotes…

Other: “you’re wearing silk socks?!”

Archer: “you’re not?!!!!” 😵

So let’s look at the similarities, both characters have the same persona: suave, stylish and serial womanisers, but not only that, they have nearly exactly the same physical appearance.

Napoleon Solo (Henry Cavill): 6″1, blue eyes, black hair.

Sterling Archer: 6″2, blue eyes, black hair.






You get the idea, it’s official, Napoleon Solo in the real life embodiment of Sterling ArcherArcher:Solo image image

In a post PLL world…

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What do we do now with no Pretty Little Liars in our lives after the season finale and how do we fill the massive gap it has left in our lives?! You truly know your life is blessed if this is one of the daily problems you face…but still HOW DID I LIVE IN A PRE PLL WORLD?!

PLL lovers, whichever girl you were (I was Hannah) I am so pleased to inform you that there is a life after PLL!

Apart from reading the mountain of articles now published debating the conclusion, what questions were left unanswered, alternative plot outcomes and what will happen next, I have turned back to Netflix in desperate hope of finding something that can meet my required daily dose of drama and dresses.

Netflix did not disappoint.

Firstly if you have not watched Gossip Girl then GO AND WATCH IT IMMEDIATELY! (But don’t if you have a big project to do….there is a high likelihood you will lock yourself away in your room and bite the head off anyone who suggests you: go out/ work/ sleep/ eat/ or DO anything that takes you away from your GG cocoon)

I mean four girls looking fabulous? Somebody worked out this dynamite formula long ago….Gossip Girl got the ball rolling, PLL took it to the next level and it just gets better with the new series I found.

Gossip Girl

Pretty Little LiarsReign

Let me introduce you to my new obsession: Reign

An American fantasy historical romance about Mary Queen of Scots life after moving to France to be married to the French Dauphin and all the dramatic events in Europe in the 1500s. But if you wanted a historically accurate drama then this is not it…the only thing that is correct is the names of the characters. According to this drama the Tudors were well versed in slang and had bra underwiring, elastic, high heels and respect for girls’ honour (by the King of all people!)

BUT IT HAS THE BEST DRESSES EVER!!!! So we forgive it the MASSIVE historical flaws.



Mix Gossip Girl, PLL and the Tudors and you’ve got Reign and Adelaide Kane who plays Mary, has the style prowess of the Duchess of Cambridge, who you wouldn’t be surprised to see wearing one of these dresses…and here’s photographic evidence.

Duchess of Cambridge Style

And don’t even get me started on the wedding dresses.

Royal Wedding Dresses

So these dresses are Kate Middleton worthy and we would do anything to get our hands on one of these unique pieces…hang on, did the Internet just say we can buy these?

Just to clarify…Internet, you say we can BUY the dresses of PLL, Gossip Girl and Reign?

YESSSSS!!!!! Brain explodes!🙉💥🎉

(Goodbye student loan, life savings and all my furniture)

Go to Shop My TV to bankrupt yourself.