Can we just talk about…..the ridiculous amount of advertising in Elle magazine

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I normally get my daily hit of general goings-on in the world digitally: Buzzfeed, Tumblr, Twitter, etc (everyone has their own favourite app they instinctively go to). But the other day I thought I would treat myself and get a glossy mag to pair with a good coffee and cake.


Wanting more than “Jennifer Lawrence eats french toast” and “I divorced my oven to marry my shower cap” I opted for the sophisticated looking Elle magazine. However after only a few seconds in`I noticed something a bit odd…

There were a lot of ads


Frustrated, I decided to divide the advert pages from the actual magazine pages, the results shown in the picture below. Looks like a fair amount of advertising pages…..IMG_4900…If the pile on the left were the magazine pages.

But they’re not

…the pile on the right are the magazine article pages.


And I’m not counting pages with reviews on, or less than half a page of text as advertising. Anything that was promoting one brand was an advert- so if the page had 10 red dresses on by different designers this would not count as advertising……………….you get the idea.


So let’s just look at that in more detail; there were 35 article pages……against a whopping 315 pages of adverts! And I didn’t count the ads on the other side of the article!!!!


What is going on!

This is a magazine not a look book right?

Yes I got a free Benefit they’re real mascara

But I paid ¬£4.30…..!?!?!?

Better to point out that Elle is not the only magazine to fill many pages with promotional shots¬†paid for by all sorts of brands- the digital age has made it harder to produce profitable paper versions of lots of media. We’re used to seeing promotions¬†everywhere, literally all over- don’t be surprised to find an ad for moving house¬†on the inside of your panty liners pack (sorry guys).

Wonder why females have unrealistic body images and low self-esteem? Well I don’t even need say anything (the models aren’t to blame- body shaming’s wrong whatever the size).

But on the positive Bunny has a new toy to chew!




Can we just talk about…..Julianna Margulies AMAZING Good Wife scenes

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So¬†The Good Wife¬†has had a lot of press recently with the release of Series 7 as well as the announcement of the new series,¬†The Good Fight,¬†where we get a chance to see more of Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) being totally kick-ass, sassy without being under 21… a massive high five to the entire female population.”Yes I’m still going to be as fabulous and fierce as I was when I needed I.D- if not better”. Snaps


Alicia Florrick- The Good Wife

But in the wake of the awards season I feel Julianna Margulies (who plays Alicia Florrick) deserves recognition other than talking about her famously expensive wig.

(FYI she had a number of $10,000 wigs made for the series as it would be quicker to get her screen ready compared to trying to tame her unruly mane- and I guess it was worth it because it blew everyones’ mind that Alicia’s hair wasn’t her own).

But can we just talk about Episode 13: Judged, 25 mins in.

To anyone who has doubted their purpose in the world or who found themselves asking “what am I doing with my life” this will be like holding up a metaphorical mirror. You will be in no doubt that Alicia Florrick is real and her heart and soul are broken.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 16.47.43

“To pull the covers over my head and never do anything ever again”

“I’m not made to be an unhappy person, I like laughing”

“I hurt, and I just want it to be over- I want it to end”

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 16.48.04

Her acting is so flawless that you forget it is a performance- a trait I feel many great actors and actresses miss out on recognition for because you don’t walk away going¬†wow what a great¬†performance by X.¬†In that moment there is no essence of the real person, all you see is the character they portray (probably why Leo DiCaprio doesn’t have a billion OSCARS- we forgot he was acting- I mean Jack Dawson did go down with the Titanic right?).

Either way you should watch The Good Wife- it’s awesome throughout with really thought provoking issues and cases. Good job Julianna- you kick butt!


Yes…this is her own hair- it still looks a million $$$