If you’re in Bournemouth…

Drinks, Num nums

So Spring is here…just

Despite Storm Katie and leaving the house with sunglasses, umbrella AND gloves in bag

What’s that little owl?


But in those brief periods of sunshine we can grab our sunnies, shed the layers and emerge from hibernation bleary eyed. If you happen to be doing this in Bournemouth there is a place you have to try to prolong that Summer-is-coming feeling- YOBU!!!

Yobu is a frozen yogurt and bubble tea cafe located next to 7 Bone (a very worthy place to eat) or if you want directions from Cath Kidston, because where else you’ll you be, step out of the shop, turn right and walk out to the street, look diagonally left and there it is!



(I grabbed these images off their website)

Or just put 7 Gervis Place, BH12AL into your phone…

Don’t know what bubble tea is? That’s ok, here is a long explanation


(it’s cold tea with milk and jelly bits in- you choose the flavours)

Last time I had rose tea with jasmine, mango jelly and peach balls, my favourite so far! And it’s pink 💗 #nofilter


Yummmmmmyyyy 💗 It’s also low calorie compared to you’re usual coffee shop hot beverage so double win.

Want another reason to go?

It’s open until 10pm! So whether you’re with friends, working or just want to chill and read a book, you can forget all about those usual 7pm closing times 🌞🌝💛


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