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Vegas Strip      Las Vegas Sign

People say 2 or 3 days in Las Vegas is enough, so when we booked 7 days we thought we would be running out of things to do. WRONG. If you’re going to be boozing, partying and staying up all night partying then yes 2/3 days is probably all your body can take. But that side of Vegas is only one small part, there are so many more things to see and do, we were left having to prioritise to choose which things we were going to do (hence there was a roller coaster ON our hotel and we didn’t get time to go on it).

And I was travelling with girls…..organised girls, so there wasn’t even a hint of what guys do on “don’t tell the bride” and suddenly find its the final day to do things!

The Mirage Volcano      Vegas Eye

To start with, you won’t have time to go round each hotel, we picked 10 to go round and still only managed a walk into the entrance. Our main 10 were:

Caesars Palace (3,960 rooms)- opened in 1966!

Mirage (3,044 rooms)- opened 1989 ALL WE SAW OF IT WAS THE VOLACNO!

MGM Grand (6,852 rooms), Treasure Island (2,884 rooms) and Luxor (4,407 rooms)- all opened in 1993

New York New York (2,024 rooms)- opened 1997

Bellagio (3,950 rooms)- opened 1998

Paris (2,916 rooms) and Venetian (4,024 rooms)- both opened 1999

Palazzo (3,068 rooms)- only one to open this century in 2007!

Vegas Strip      Vegas Strip

So considering each hotel is huge, you can easy walk a mile in them and get lost multiple times, you’re going to be hard pressed to see them all. If seeing hotels is high on your to do list, use the monorail- saves time walking and getting distracted by all the things you see (Harley Davidson motor bike coming out a building, other hotels, show girls and Chippendales in the street, Bubba Gump bench etc etc etc)

 Harley Davidson Cafe      Show Girl and Chippendale

Bubba Gump       Cosmopolitan        Shopping Centre Chandelier

Think there are only tourist shops…WRONG. If you dont spend all your money on gambling, food and drink, shows and attractions then the shops will finally bankrupt you. Dior, Chanel, Topshop, whatever you want, you’ll find it in Vegas. Did I mention that Vegas in the home of the LARGEST H&M IN THE WORLD! And don’t even get me started on the dress shops…it was all so beautiful we put ourselves on a strict no shop entry, dragging ourselves away from each store window in a team effort. I could move to  Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops and live there for a week…OK a month- I would have to sell a kidney and blow my entire life savings BUT IT WOULD TOTALLY BE WORTH IT 😍👛💗💎👠👙👗💄👜

Shops on the Strip      Shops on the Strip

Dresses 👗💗       Dresses 👗💗       Biggest H&M Ever

If shopping is not you’re thing then there is still a million other things to see. To start with I could have spent a week just watching the shows: Cirque du Soleil is just a must, they defy gravity and physics…just spend the money and see one show at the very least (we saw KA and were so blown away we went to see Mirage, the original and the one you see in Knocked Up) 😋

We saw the Chippendales of course and apart from a room a SCREAMING women it was really fun, NOT a strip show despite the serious lack of clothing. If you are in Vegas on a hen do then you have to go, some hens get to go up on stage! And collect the free glasses (the drinks are so expensive, take as many as you can!)


If you like illusionists I recommend David Copperfield, we saw the Saturday matinee show which was cheaper and pretty incredible. It’s a little cheesy and American but you forgive him as he is utterly charming.

Still got more time? Museums, exhibitions and downtown original Vegas Strip are next on your to do list. Get deals or use a loyalty M card for discounts, these also work on shows.

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