The Bellagio

Vegas travels

Bellagio Hotel          Bellagio Entrance

The Bellagio…with the air of being one of the most expensive hotels (but only an extra $25 a night) it certainly is posh. Set in large grounds with a lake at the front and a long sweeping drive up to the front, it is set back farther than most from the Strip. Currently hosting Cirque du Soleil’s “O” (the most expensive of their shows though whether it is because of the venue or by popular demand we don’t know), along with the 10 minute fountain display and botanical garden display there aren’t many other must sees. The fountain display is to Michael Jackson and runs every 30 minutes or so through the evening and the botanical gardens are beautiful…but it’s a room, not gardens.

Botanical Gardens          imageimage          Botanical Gardens

But that is not to say you will be at all disappointed! Everything in Vegas is completely over the top with no expense spared (I mean look at the ceiling🙉). The Bellagio was completed the year after NYNY in 1998 but is almost twice the size with 3,950 rooms and multiple pools, shops, theatre, spa, wedding chapel and more shops etc etc.

Bellagio Botanical          Bellagio Botanical

To start with, just to get in you must first alight the double escalators up to the arched entrance which is about half a mile from the actual entrance (don’t worry there are travelators all the way, this is America after all!). Walk through the main entrance with the glass flower ceiling and just follow your nose (for what feels like another half a mile) and you will find the botanical gardens. From there you’re on your own! Handheld maps of each hotel need to be invented, you will burn off whatever calories you consumed at each meal by just walking around the hotels (but then probably re-consume them by all the lovely treats you find on your way…chocolate fountain 🍫

Bellagio          Bellagio ceilingBellagio          BellagioBellagio          Bellagio

Bellagio          Bellagio

Back to that chocolate fountain…yes that is all real and yes that model AND dress are 100% chocolate, as I said, everything is over the top, don’t bother putting your camera away.

Bellagio Chocolate   Bellagio Chocolate   Bellagio Chocolate  Bellagio Bellagio Bellagio

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