Westward bound

Vegas travels

If I were a bird..One big desert

So the adventure begins! After a very early start and little sleep from excitement, we have a 10 hour flight with BA until we touch down in Vegas! Flying over the U.S. was amazing, just the scale of everything, huge river deltas and deserts with nothing for miles except route 95 as a tiny line across the bottom. Despite the long flight I only watched three films, the headphones aren’t the comfiest and after an hour and a half your ears need a rest!

With minimal spoilers…Jupiter Ascending

Channing and Eddie only are topless in one scene and is a rather confused film. Think “Maid in Manhatten” mixed with “Star Wars”. I know, not a winning combo, plus a significant chunk of the alien palace looks like it’s shot in London’s National History Museum 🐋 and despite Channing being from another planet, unlike Thor, seems completly at home and you half expect him to walk into Starbucks and order his preferred coffee.

There was a great potential for dresses for Mila but they only put her in two stunning ones before she changed back into biker style gear. I mean her character chooses to change out of these dresses into plain biker gear. That is like choosing a non topless Channing Tatum! 😱

Jupiter dresses

In the search for more beautiful dresses I watched Cinderella next, we all know the story so no surprises there! Supporting actors made the film and there was seriously nice architecture…hello Prince Charming’s palace! But the poor guy is dressed in grey and white leggings all the time…who looks good in white leggings!! But of course, amazing dresses- even the evil step mother (Cate Blanchett) looked totally fierce.

Cinderella ball dressCinderella wedding dressCinderella stepmother

Finally, Far from the Maddening Croud, a film I really wanted to see…but just meeh. I struggled to finish it, I just saw Carey Mulligan and Michael Sheen in a Pride and Prejudice style film…but really, silent scenes in the wilderness can only be pulled off by Kiera Knightly.

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