Pre holiday drinks!

Num nums

Yobu bubble teaYobu yogurt

So to get into the holiday spirit, I’ve begun two days early with a trip to Yobu in Bournemouth that specialises in frozen yogurt and bubble tea…a completely new concept to me!

Yogurt wise you just choose your size, flavour of yogurt (plain or mango) and add two toppings (everything from chocolate flakes to fruit) and enjoy!

Bubble tea has a base of tea (jasmine green, oolong or lychee), with or without milk and then add two extra fillings (I had coconut and peach balls, little jelly things that pop in your mouth). Then ice is added and the whole thing cleverly sealed at the top with a cute bear face, so you have hot tea at the bottom and cold ice at the top with yummy fruit in the middle.

Really delicious and thirst quenching and far more interesting than a coffee shop iced drink. Prefect for summer and highly recommended (even if you don’t like tea!) ☕️☕️☕️🍇🍒🍊

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